Kinfest 2011.

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On 6th August 2011, we held our second Kinfest holiday at Southview Leisure Park in Skegness.

26 families descended on the park for the week with many more joining us for the odd day or couple of days.

The Saturday was manic as all the kids arrived at Karen and Shelly's caravan to pick up their goodie bags, security wristbands and hats and badges. The kids all played outside whilst the adults enjoyed cups of tea and coffee and a natter.

On the Sunday, 85 us went to Wolfie's Diner for a Roast dinner; organised by Cassie. The food was superb with the biggest yorkshire puddings we had ever seen; everyone scattered around the tables, the kids found friends from last year or sat with other kids making friends, the adults got to know each other and it was an amazing sight to see everyone getting along and chatting away like old friends; even more amazing as most of us had never met in reality, just on the internet.

On the Monday, we had the balloon launch which was ably organised by Laura and Cassie.  Loads of people came for the day to witness the release of 150 Kinship Care balloons; the grey skies turned blue long enough for the balloons to float away.

The rest of the week was spent doing things with our families or in small groups; some of us went to a small beach, some went to the pleasure park, etc.

On the Friday, we had our Kids Ceremony and Presentation.  Charlie did a magic show and all the kids were presented with a small cup and the adults told the kids why they were special to them.

Highlights of the holiday for Shelly were ...... one child being constantly brought back by the "nice Curity Man" and a couple of others being caught playing hook a duck with the real ducks and a fishing net. There were so many laughs and so much fun.