Testimonies and Guest-Book.

Well, who better to tell you how the online groups, meetings, and holidays have helped them,  than the carers!!

Below are a few quotes taken from some of our members and also from professionals who are aware of us and promote us..........


  • A welcoming group where I have found a huge support, knowledge and friendship.  Just what I needed at the start of my Kinship journey.
  • A welcoming group where you are allowed to vent your feelings.

  • Help and support, reduces the feelings of isolation.
  • A group where I've met normal people who understand what I'm going through, and don't judge.

  • A fantastic group with a warm welcome who will share their experiences, who give unconditional support and understanding with the roller coaster that is Kinship Care.  No matter the topic, there is always someone to talk with when you need them the most.
  • A lifesaver and a sanity saver - with some amazing people always ready to support, encourage, share knowledge and experiences. xx

  • Say whatever you want here, no-one will judge and someone will have either been through or are going through exactly what you are going through. xx
  • Thanks to the days out and Kinfest, my own children now have others they can talk to freely about having to share their parents, bedrooms, etc and they no longer feel embarrassed about their feelings towards the sister (my grandchildren's mother).

  • This has become my lifeline, social life and so much more!  Those that moan about Facebook have no idea about how good it can be when you have groups like this on here!
  • Friendly, welcoming, understanding group of people who I only wish I had found earlier. x

  • A life saver, just a great group; friendly, understanding, most of all you're never alone.

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