The Narey Report.

Most of you would have heard of Martin Narey if you are involved in Kinship, Adoption or Fostering.  Martin Narey was initially commissioned to complete a report for The Times, and later the Government, regarding the whole system of Care.  His thoughts are quite radical and in the past he has often been misquoted and misunderstood in what he was saying.

So, we freely admit we did have concerns about his support for Kinship Care.  However Mr Narey did kindly agree to meet with a few of us after his speech at the Community Care Live Exhibition in Islington, London on 16th May 2012.  His speech (which we have the link below) shows his commitment to place a child first and foremost with the family, if it is in the best interests for the child, a call for better support and also cutting down the time frames for proceedings.  

We had a pleasant meeting with him, where Mr Narey attentively listened to our stories and concerns.  We explained that we don't care what Order our children are on as long as we get the support we need for them.  Hopefully the meeting was as beneficial to Mr Narey as we felt it was to us.  Just to make sure we remembered all our points, we gave him a copy of "The Paula Report" which contained our views and suggestions.  We also managed to give a copy to Tim Loughton after his speech too!

All we can say is, never have we met a man who has been so misquoted in all our lives!

On the right are the links for the report, his speech at Community Care Live, Mr Narey's website and "The Paula Report", along with a personal message we received from Mr Narey.

We leave it for you all to have a read and make up your own minds but, we have to say it does, on the whole, look positive for Kinship Carers.  There are so many children that have been passed for adoption and so few adoptors out there, something does have to be done to get the children out of the care system and into loving homes; as long as a suitable kinship placement is always the first option to be investigated..

Finally, just to let you all know, we dropped a line to Martin Narey and thanked him for sparing his time to talk to us...  This was his response......

"It was a pleasure.

... Thank you all for being so courteous and willing to listen to what I really believe rather than what others report I believe.

I shall speak to Tim about our meeting and before you meet him.

Warmest Regards